"Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness."
Khalil Gibran

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Accidental Deconstruction

Yeah Yeah Yeah - It's Blitz Album cover
Fair Use (Source)

You grabbed a cold egg from the refrigerator
and felt it leave your fingers
as you closed the door;
you fumbled a catch
and the texture of moisture on its thin shell
remained in tactile memory
long after it hit the floor.

Several options presented themselves.

1. You could have chosen to marvel at the intrinsic value of three-dimensional art
     in a corner of your kitchen.
2. Or to contemplate the infinite quiet of the exoplanets as they revolve
    around their dying sun 39 light years distant.

Instead you took a dishcloth to the mess
and swiped the remains
onto a piece of salvaged newspaper
trying to avoid
the viscosity of the albumen
and deliberately not reminding yourself
that this was intended
as your first meal of the day.

There is a slow kind of sadness which descends
at such times for no apparent reason.

Maybe you caught yourself thinking

1. All art is a waste of time, including the poem you wanted to write in yolk
    on the kitchen wall.
2. Man is prone to breaking things, scraping up the dregs and never giving
    a second thought. Calling it accidental.

You may have said a small prayer for the exoplanets,
hoping that 39 light years is far enough away.


Izy Gruye encourages us to bring back something shiny and new for her Out of Standard - Multiple Choice challenge in The Imaginary Garden.


  1. Love how you turned the ordinary of breaking an egg (and despite the missed breakfast) into art and possibilities... but I guess that most of us will let the exoplanets exist by themselves.

  2. Well Kerry, I am clapping my hands in utter delight!

  3. You mastered this very impressively. An incidence becomes so much more.

  4. Never, shall I look at a broken egg, the same way, again, upon my ceramic kitchen tiled floor.

  5. All art is a waste of time, including the poem you wanted to write in yolk on the kitchen wall.. gosh that resonates, was just in a discussion about the amount of poetry on the internet and its limited readership...I wonder what they think of poetry 39 light years away!!

  6. Wow! What a way to make an ordinary event extraordinary! Kudos!

  7. It's all wonderful, and that punch-in-the-gut ending best of all. (But I have a sneaking wish for the poem on the wall written in yolk.)

  8. Kudos Kerry. What terrific insights.

  9. My goodness this is good! You totally rocked the prompt, Kerry ❤️

  10. whew!..an egg yolk's journey from 'it's a blitz' album through exoplanets, 3D art, poetry, irritation, sadness, inherent nature of man...accidental deconstruction indeed...Kudos dear poet...

  11. Your words give us the ability to choose what we will see. Man does have a way of breaking things, but he also has the ability to fix things. It's all about perspective.

    A broken egg - it could mean a fresh start as day breaks..just pondering.

  12. Ah! This is wondrous and at the same time wonderfully receptive of the small things and their extraordinary perceptions. The art of this verse is sublime and fresh. It's all about looking at things with a twist.
    I loved it!

  13. A lesson in the possibilities for poetic expression in the smallest of ordinary occurrences! Bravo!

  14. This is a delight to read. From dropped egg to exoplanets is a highly original stretch. Loved it.

  15. You wove this well. Brilliant.

  16. I love the sense of observation here-and how it turns the ordinary into the existential

  17. Lovely read...broken eggs can make omelettes though ;)

  18. Now I want to write a poem with yolk on the wall... or, perhaps, draw a sunny planet or three, while chanting a prayer.

    This is yummy.

  19. This is a beautiful slant from the expected reactions that might necessarily arise. Lots of thinking in its creation obviously. Wonderful shot, Kerry!


  20. Eggs and poems, tickles my funny bone.

  21. Love this! The idea of writing in yolk on the wall seems like such a great idea!

  22. Stunning......to find so much beauty in a broken egg takes a true artist, Kerry! And you most definitely are :-)

  23. this has a touch of madness, and genius ~


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