"Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness."
Khalil Gibran

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Ministries (In Four Voices)

Le Grand Bateau (1927)
Pierre Roy
Fair Use

Ministry of Plenty

We learn about want. And need. Reason not the one. Subdue the other behind a smoke-screen of selflessness. Cradle one hand in the other to prevent grasping. Back to the wall. What you don’t know? I own a seed. I feel a tree growing in my veins. Point your weapon down. Speak your first desire.

Ministry of Truth

You made a game of secrets  (truth or dare) and also the rules (fact vs fiction) and I learned how to cheat to win, or to flout the rigours of your subterfuge (true/false) when I wanted everything to be square and just, and not open to any old interpretation or at least to replace truth with trust. 

Ministry of Peace

Meet me in the sentry box. 23hr07. Be careful not to lose your grip on the iron stair. The nights are long and cold. No need to remove your boots. Or helmet. The sky twinkles with drones. But here the cams scan only for proles. The shield wall will hold. Remember the password. 
Pax Romana.

Ministry of Love

Ankles yearn for kisses. And thin gold chains. Your eyelashes feel like dandelion seeds. Closed lids. I see fields of green. Your fingertips behind my knee. I taste rose-petals. On the tongue. Your name lives but hidden. I am the landscape. I am the river. You travel towards me. Hearts do more than beat. Cry.


This is the extended version of my response to Flash 55 PLUS!


  1. All of your voices are so sexy, Kerry.

    "Cradle one hand in the other to prevent grasping."


  2. So much to think about...but the mind is frozen and the heart heavy under that sky twinkling with drones.

  3. I adore this, particularly the Ministry of Love.

  4. I love truth or dare...and ankle chains...and women who wear ankle chains...

  5. Love how you managed to put some humanity into dystopia... it's always the hope in those. The ministry of peace says it all.

  6. All wonderful. Of course I love the Love one best.

  7. Wonderful poem! Just my take - a reflection into the complexity (or realism) which we must deal with.

  8. Wonderful how you have combined the love poem with the others--they all fit. Agh. perilous. Thanks. k.

  9. The sky twinkles with drones.

    what a perfect and perfectly awful line. beautiful in its terror.

    a tour de force, Kerry ~

  10. Hearts do more than beat. Cry.

    Yes, but many may not see its other 'functions' to appreciate them accordingly!


  11. Four voices to balance one heart, one brain, one people... I really love the "Ministry of Truth", perhaps because we need it so desperately right now.

  12. This is perfection! We do sorely need some truth and love in the world today.

  13. This is sexy and romantic! I needed that right now.


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