"Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness."
Khalil Gibran

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

All is Still

All that’s needed is yearning, fate & you.
BrendanOran's Well

Karin Gustafson
All Rights Reserved


When leaves fall in the Autumn nights,
they are silently cushioned by dew,
untrampled, laid down as gently
as your hand upon my cheek
or my head upon your familiar chest
in the dark bedroom quiet,
the solace of windy days, busy
under damp, hard-bitten skies.

Ah, Love, I hear the whispered song
your heart sings to me; the rise
and fall of your breathing
is the rhythm by which I live.
Like the river’s flow, the bending
reeds, I know my true course.

All is Still
Grandma Moses
Fair Use


Karin Gustafson shares her artworks and insight into Outsider Art in the Imaginary Garden today.
My title is taken from the painting of outsider artist, Grandma Moses who began to paint at the age of 78.

One of the first poems I read in this month of poetry writing was Invitation to Voyage by Brendan of Oran's Well. The line I have quoted for this poem, struck me with its sense of purpose, as the heart of poetic expression, and I commented: "This is the line to set me up for all of April’s poems. It shall be my theme and guiding star when waters are rough and plain sailing uncertain." Now at almost the end of April, I return to it with my thanks to all who have made this incredible journey alongside me.


  1. Oh my. That IS a beautiful quote.

    Your poem is stunning and deeply touching. I'm swooning over the ending.

  2. I find it so refreshing to read a poem from the autumn point of view, when we are busy with spring... a lovely lovely read, and what a coincidence that we had the same phrase...

  3. So moving,the poem itself, the opening quote (gotta love Brendan) and your post poem notes. I'm all emotional suddenly.Powerful and heartfelt stuff Kerry.

  4. Beautiful, Kerry. It flows, I flow along with every move. My favorite was a hard choice, but I decided on the last, "the rise and fall of your breathing is the rhythm by which I live." The idea of love, the dreamer's love.
    I also almost chose a river, I narrowed to the one in Colorado coming down from Estes Park or the Nile. Opposites, one is peaceful, it should win here, the other is a wild rampaging brute.

  5. This line hits home:
    "under damp, hard-bitten skies."

  6. The last two lines are lovely. It's always so good to read into the lines of a soul that knows her way...

  7. There is such a lovely atmosphere created in the opening by contrasting biting cold autumn days and the warmth between this couple.

  8. The vision of the autumn leaf falling as lovers unite... Ah...

  9. Ahhh, such a beautiful and satisfying poem! For me a lovely reminder of what I have been blessed to have. Both the artworks suit it well.

  10. I never tire of your poetic lines

  11. I was caught by the cadence of your first line, and (like you) carried through to the end. ~

  12. This is incredibly moving, and soo wonderfully ardent!!❤️

  13. Beautiful poem, Kerry. There's an inward compass here which is not subject to harsh weather -- that's the outsider angle I get, which is really to me a faithfulness to a kiss which never fades away. Such truths sustain us perhaps forever. (And through so many drafts!) Thanks for taking inspiration from my poem; the breezes of our day are perhaps breath from the many distant corners of the Garden.


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