"Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness."
Khalil Gibran

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Conversation with Gaia

She was physically forgotten
Then she slipped into my pocket
With my car keys
She said you've taken me for granted
Because I please you
Wearing these diamonds
Paul Simon

Source UNknown


She was waiting for me, in the fork
of the road; her strange, dark eyes
contained the constellations; her womb,
the universe awaiting birth.
She held her right palm up and fixed
her starry gaze upon my face.
“Tell me who you are,” I spoke.
“Why do you stand in my way?”
Then I saw the rains released
in her tears. “I was the Empress.
Diamonds sprang from my heels
and cobbled these paths.”
But I looked at her bare feet,
saw only dust and splinters
of the broken wheel.


Marian is hosting today's prompt #27, Writing Shoes, in the Imaginary Garden.
I could not pass up the Paul Simon song Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes, especially because it features South African choral group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo which originates in my home town.
Last year was Dr Joseph Shabalala's 75th birthday celebration and the choir of Ladysmith High School (where I teach) performed his song Homeless at the event. I include a LINK to a very short video clip, which unfortunately does not show the entire performance.. but I love it because many of the children you see singing are my students.


  1. Love this, Kerry, especially the lines:
    '...her strange, dark eyes
    contained the constellations; her womb,
    the universe awaiting birth'
    'Then I saw the rains released
    in her tears...
    But I looked at her bare feet,
    saw only dust and splinters
    of the broken wheel'.

  2. Ah, poor Gaia! I love the mythic flavour of the poem. The video clip is indeed brief, but I was glad to see it all the same. And now I am in a fever to know what Tarot deck that is – but you probably don't know either.

    1. I found it! It is Tarot of the Spirit, a very Kabbalistic deck with some interesting books associated with it. I'll definitely have to have it – and the books. :)

  3. Richly penned verse which conjures a sad image of the fallen or displaced. The video is lovely and the link to Joseph's story is enlightening. What joy and sorrow there.

  4. Love, love from beginning to end. Foot splinters! That's like the opposite of diamonds on the soles. :)
    I've assumed you had a direct connection to Ladysmith Black Mambazo (because of your address) all these years but I don't think we've ever discussed it. I love them. Have a few of their records which always, always make me dance. xoxoxo to you!

    1. I can only claim proximity!


    2. Kerry, I came back for the video clip. What a great (and huge!) choir! I'd love to hear a longer performance by this group if a video exists. Thanks so much for sharing. Also my son is quite taken with the striped blazers :)

  5. This is absolutely phenomenal, Kerry!❤️ I love the mythological tone and flavor of this poem especially; "her strange, dark eyes contained the constellations; her womb, the universe awaiting birth" is so vivid!❤️

  6. Wonderful. I so love that song--am about to go to the link--I love the chorus, and I'll let the poem into that category too--though of course, it's very sad. It is what makes me most upset in the turn of political events in a way--heartless to the planet. Thanks so much, Kerry. k.

  7. Wow--what rich tones. Wonderful. Thanks. k.

    1. I wish the person filming, had got a little more of the song.

  8. Wow... love where you took it... and I heard it live a couple of months ago (at least with Paul Simon).

  9. Yes, I love where you took the prompt.

  10. ...and when we close our eyes, with the image you painted, where will our shoes take us?

  11. I liked reading this, Kerry. Your opening reminded me of an older song, part of which was. "There was an angel's glow of the strange little girl. Now I don't know who she was and I don't know where she came from. I only know there was ...
    I sure hope you haven't given me an ear worm. :)

  12. I love those rains released in her tears. So beautiful.

  13. fantastic. love the clip. gave me goosebumps.

    I was lucky to see PS on tour for Graceland with LBM in around - 85? 86? in San Francisco.

    as to the pen. yes. diamonds into dust, these days, and we are all cut on the splinters. ~


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