Monday, June 1, 2020

Ceremony in Peaceful Protest (Source)
Fair Use
Protesters kneel to pray in Lafayette Square, Washington DC
31 May 2020

Come, let us kneel
in the burning streets.
Let us raise our hands to pray
to all that is above the smoke and flame
and all that is below the dust
and stepping stones of civilization.
Come, let us bid farewell
to the golden corpse of our idolatry
and bow our heads before
the rough rows of newly dead
that they may speak
in the poignant illustration
of each fresh grave.

I am writing in solidarity with all protest actions around the world against police brutality in the time of a world health crisis, where loss of life and livelihood has been both indiscriminate and extreme. Now is the time to stand together as citizens of the world against violence and bloodshed.


Every Word Counts!


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Saturday, May 16, 2020


How fragile is this hand
as it gentles the ferocious coils
which abide below the halfway mark
of belly, making discords of dogma,
and soothes the grinning sibilance
as the ravenous maw bites through
this tenuous grip on new realities.

Oh Mercy! The poison is luscious as lotus!
Desire welcomes the monstrous tongue
in the throat beyond question
of what will become of these bones
once the leviathan has picked them clean.

Inspired by the artwork, Thieves Blend by the artist, Eli Evangelidis a.k.a. @eliedwardart