Sunday, August 18, 2019

Atlantis Found


I have chosen my exile.
It is the sum of all fears to be stranded
but in crossing boundaries
I have traced my own reflection
with eyes of darkness –
We are water.
Our hearts are naked
Our souls are serpentine.
I have a birthright to change with the tide
or remain just as I am.

Once again, I have raided Margaret's La Catrina list of book titles to write a poem for Sherry's Wordy Weekend in 55 words.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Frankenstein's Death Note

Frankenstein ~ Mary Shelley
Art by Lynd Ward (1934 Edition)
Fair Use Principles

After the fifth season of his infinite
aloneness at the end of the world,
the man without woman
reached deep into the confines
of his cramped bonsai soul and created
the gods as hard-boiled,
invisible magicians, travellers
of a separate reality, given to jest.

He longed for them to worship him
as antidote to self-loathing and fear
on this last night of the earth, prayed
that one pleiadian seed would take root
in dark matter and a spiritmate grow
to warm his blood and bones.

No voice spoke from the stillness:
no whispers of I see you, man of humankind,
no eyes to ignite an ocean, no chronicle
for the book of his own burial rites.