Monday, December 16, 2019

Ever-Rising Star

Collage created by Kerry O'Connor

Let your face be a canvas

An ever-rising star


Make a bold statement

In black & white

You are unique

Born to express yourself

Trust in every new tomorrow

Discover the secret of Love

It’s your time to smile

Say goodbye & live well

A dream come true

I had to create something special for the final Music with Marian challenge in the Imaginary Garden. Thus I set upon an old magazine to find a poem amid the words.
Marian and I go back to before the inception of Real Toads. We met by total accident, or fate.. bumped into one another on the blogs and stuck together through thick and thin. Her blog runaway sentence is one of the first I discovered, when I was entirely new to the forum of online poetry publishing. It has remained true to Marian's vision and her writing is a constant source of  inspiration to me personally, as well as to countless poets and fellow toads.

Thank you so much, sister-poet, for all and everything you are.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Tarot Suite #7


Temperance Tarot Card
Original Design by Kerry O'Connor

This is a cautious balancing act,
one foot on the bank,
one in the stream.
I feel Earth’s clasp on my ankle,
and hear clay mouths pleading
with me to stay
even as riverine energy tempts me
to give in to its flow.
I dwell in these wetlands, the days between
then and now, but the future
arrives just as water, rising above
the mark of expectations,
while I attempt to cup my intuition
from palm to palm,
or save at least the dregs.

A new installment in my Tarot Suite Collection of poems and illustrations, written for Magaly's final Imaginary Garden prompt 13 Poetic Bits of Kerr, using the line "the future arrives just as water" from my poem, A Painless Day, available in the Objectivity Chapter on my Skylover Blog.