In which the Plague Brats emerge

The last adult to die in the facility, did so at 3.17 p.m. on an unrecorded day in the fifteenth year of the plague. Her final move was to deactivate the lock-down. It was her decision alone and she waited until the last possible minute but one, to break the seal and let the contamination in.

It was a timed event.

At 00.00 the electronic latches on the containment cubicles clicked decisively, and eight children woke at the unimaginable sound of all the steel barriers splitting open and sliding apart.  The lights in the corridor flickered dully, buzzing like angry insects trapped in a jar.

Z10625 was the first to venture beyond his cell.

He looked left and right searching for the adult who would tell him what she wanted him to do next or where he should go but the grey passageway was empty in both directions. The realization that every cubicle was open, hit him with a dizzying sense of nausea and he wondered if he should shut his eyes as the other figures began to emerge.

Boys and girl…