Sunday, November 4, 2018


Photograph circa 19th Century

This blank mind
deserves better,
than a dab of mustard
and sautéed asparagus spears –

I had pursued a level
of detachment, a divorce,
one might say, from the rue
and inconvenience
of photographic memory –

but when one’s brain
is little more than a side of beef
one ceases to wander
in wakeful disbelief at all –

A brainless 55 for Camera FLASH! 55 in November


  1. Hah! I'm so chuckling at the food references here - dab of mustard and asparagus spears! A side of beef? Indeed. Especially if one has been trying to "connect" and the synapses are "severed" - perhaps cleaved into a temporary state of "un/comfortably numb" ---
    some days, it seems, it is best to lop off one's head and just stop over/thinking ...

    I really like the whole 55 - it's wonderfully worded, and the 2nd stanza just has that "divorced" feeling to it. It reads very well.

    Cheers Kerry! And fascinating 'cut out' image you've chosen for the month's Flash :)

    1. Thank you, Pat.. I think this is a self-portrait of my writer's block.:)

  2. Ah, i know "the rue and inconvenience of photographic memory". I love that line especially.

    1. Haha! Thanks, Sherry. How can one take such a ludicrous photo seriously?

  3. Such delicious imagery and references in this one, Kerry!❤️ The closing line completely blew me away!❤️

  4. Ah, the wandering mind is still, sojourns have ceased. Stay at home. I loved the metaphor mixture you used, eating and romance. They fit well.

  5. Love it... The sideorder to brainless really made me smile... (as if mustard helps)...

  6. Wonderful Title! And the words made me smile...

  7. "one ceases to wander" ... That would be a most tragic end to such a brilliant mind.

  8. Lol! Detachment, divorce...and a side of beef. Now, I wonder what they could all relate to..?(lol) I enjoyed this :)

  9. Love the side of beef, and detachment. Clever, Kerry!

  10. Love the idea that the mind is blank, when "out of place, served on a platter," like a fish caught in the morning, offered for lunch.

  11. What a delightful verse! The subtle humor, the quirky metaphors make for a great wordplay — I am still smiling at the "inconvenience of photographic memory", and then there's the platter with the dabbing of mustard and a side of beef. Love this witty wandering or perchance a fancy of "wakeful disbelief".


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