Friday, May 1, 2020

A Skylover Wordlist ~ May

May Day!


Worker's Day!

Call it what you will, this is a day to celebrate life, rejuvenation, the old gods, our beloved ghosts, holy day. With that acknowledged, and the marathon of April poetry behind us, I am offering my monthly wordlist for anyone who is looking for verbal inspiration for poetry.


The prompt is open from 1 - 14 May here on my blog (4 - 14 May on IG).
Select three or more words and use them in a poetic interpretation of your choice. Derivatives of words may be used and you may link up as many poems as you write in the comments below. If you are sharing on IG, please tag @skyloverpoetry and use #skyloverwordlist so I can read and comment on your post.


  1. Hi! I got inspired and used almost all the words to make this poem.
    Hope you like it.

  2. For a moment I got a thrill thinking IG meant Imaginary Garden. Sigh. Thanks for this list Kerry. I shall brood over it and hopefully return with something.

    1. You are welcome, Joy. Sorry about the confusion of IGs! It is sad to say good bye to the garden again, but we know it is a place to return to in the Spring.

      I am also taking some time off from writing, and will come back to this next week sometime. Looking forward to your poem.

  3. I have written something which borrowed a few of these words, but don't consider it fully written to your list, so I will wait to post here til I can have something inspired to a greater extent by your words. I don't blame you for taking some time off, Kerry. You wrote like a demon(or a white witch) all last month.

    1. No problem, Joy. But I don't mind what you share here.. It's fine to use derivatives and any combination of words.
      The rules are really just guidelines.

  4. Thanks for the leeway, Kerry. Still,I finally managed something I am happy to call completely inspired by your list, and perhaps a little less serious than usual, because I am tired of being dominated by pandemic:


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